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How to Fit a Prong Collar For a Dog

A prong collar, also called a German collar or pinch collar, is an effective training tool for dogs. Revealing Secrets To Dog Training, Stop Your Dog's Behavior Trouble! Who else wants their dog to be well behaved around people and other dogs? Learn from expert:Secrets To Dog TrainingAND have them obey all of your house rules... even when you're not around! Effective dog training doesn't come naturally
. Although this collar is controversial, it is safer than a choke collar. The prong collar gently corrects the dog by using a grab and release method that is similar to a mother dog correcting her puppy.



    Measure your dog's neck to determine the proper size prong collar and number of additional links needed. Prong collars come in small, medium and large. They use removable links to adjust the prong collar to the right size for your dog.


    Unhook one side of a link so the prong collar is in a straight line.


    Place the prong collar around the dog's neck above the normal buckle collar that your dog wears regularly. The buckle collar will keep the prong collar from falling too low onto the dog's neck.


    Move the prong collar up toward your dog's ears until it is located just behind the ears and just below the jaw line.


    Hook the side of the link back together so the collar is circular. The collar should be snug, but not extremely tight on the dog's neck.


    Attach the leash or lead to the swivel hook. Some trainers recommend attaching the leash to both the buckle collar and the prong collar.

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